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History of the Hotel Schönblick at Lake Wörthersee

The Hotel Schönblick emerged from a small guesthouse that the parents of the current owner Georg Schneider, Sophie and Georg senior, started to build in 1955.

25 years later, the house was already 4-star -Hotel there. Even then, it was one of the most successful in Velden, with a capacity of 144 days, twice as much as the average at other companies in our community.
The Schneiders continued to work with great enthusiasm, tenacity and love for their profession. Despite many difficulties, the service was always in the foreground. “Everything for the guest“, is still the motto today.

And what's next?

Time out at Lake Wörthersee

Over the years the business was developed by the enthusiastic hard work of the Schneider family with the support of loyal partners such as the Volksbank, other local professionals and some long-serving employees. Despite many attempts and worries, service has always been a priority, hence the family motto is, “All for the guest”.

The largest single investment in the hotel up to now was the construction of a new east wing at a cost of 2 Mio. Euros. This was completed by the end of October 1993 and enabled the Schönblick to accommodate 85 guests, rising to 100 with use of extra beds for children.

And after....

The Hotel

As an additional mainstay, Georg Schneider opened the Café Börserl on Brunnenplatzl in 1996. With the Augsdorfer lido, which was added two years later and gives its guests access to the lake.

Family Schneider´s heart is devoted to the a-la-carte restaurant where also non-resident guests are warmly welcome to dine in the intimate interior or on the terrace.

Family Schneider will be pleased to meet you.

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